Tezos Soy Bean Tokens 
for Commodities Trading

Soy Beans are the United States top export and top traded commodity, second only to crude oil — and we're tokenizing Soy Beans on the Tezos blockchain FA token standard under the symbol ZStz

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Tezos Soy FAQ

  • What is Tezos Soy? — Tezos Soy is a project launching Soy Bean commodities tokens on the Tezos blockchain, for trading by commodities traders.
  • How are Tezos Soy Tokens priced? — Tezos Soy tokens are stable-coins that are pegged to the price of Soy Beans fair market rate, derived fom price information listed on merchantile exchanges like the Chicago Merchantile Exchange and the InterContinental Exchange
  • Who is developing Tezos Soy tokens? — Tezos Soy is part of the StableTez project committed to developing stablecoins on Tezos. You can learn more about StableTez and see other assets being issued as part of the StableTez suite of assets at StableTez.com. StableTez is a project of Tezos Stable Technologies, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tezos Stablecoin Foundation.
  • Are other commodity tokens coming out on Tezos? — Tezos Coffee tokens are another commodity token coming out on Tezos, which can likewise be visited at Tezos.coffee. Aside from agricultural commodities, the StableTez project will also issuing precious metals commodity tokens, which can be discovered at Tezos.gold.
  • When will Tezos Soy Tokens be available? — Tezos Soy tokens are part of the StableTez roadmap. They will be released around the time of Tezos Coffee tokens. 2021 is the target, though it may be sooner.

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